Staying informed with MOAA

This episode is sponsored by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

Staying informed with MOAA through their informational newsletter and magazine is so important for veterans, service members, and their families. Since 1929, MOAA’s mission has been to protect your earned military benefits. But what does being a member mean for you? This week I’m talking with retired Brigadier Gen Sylvia Crockett. She talked about her experience as a member. She also talks about the pivotal information provided through MOAA’s email updates, monthly magazine, and the great resources available through MOAA. If you are currently serving or have served in the military as an officer you can join MOAA today at

staying informed with moaa

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California National Guard

Sylvia found the military by working as a civil servant for the California National Guard. She said it felt like a family and she wanted to be a part of the community as a service member and decided to join. She was mentored by Lt Col Ralph Page. He had nine children and took her under his wing and gave her advice and mentorship as if she was one of his children. He was the one who pushed her to apply for Officer Candidate School. Her career culminated with her reaching the rank of Brigadier General. The rank opened doors up for her and gave her the ability to represent women and the Latina community in a place that before did not have a voice or representation.

Staying informed with MOAA

She and her husband are both veterans and are both members of MOAA. They are members is because they are able to stay informed with MOAA through email updates and the magazine. MOAA helps them stay current on what is going on in the military. They also know what is happening on Capitol Hill. MOAA allows them to use their voice to contact various government representatives because they know what is happening. She also talked about the lobbying power of MOAA. We talked more about MOAA’s lobbying power in the first bonus episode with Aniela Szymanski. You can check out that episode here.

Resources from MOAA

But another critical important benefit is the transition resources, grants, and scholarships available to members. You can get a scholarship, interest-free loans, grants, and more. There are also resources for resume writing to help you convert your military resume into something that will help you land a new job outside of the military. They also are connected with LinkedIn. MOAA can help connect you and build your network. So many great benefits when you leave military service and beyond.

Health care is a program that has been at the forefront of Gen Crokett’s career and something she has been paying attention to after service. Currently, the military is looking into re-organizing the billets for medical care, the Spouse Angle interviewed MOAA representative Karen Ruedisueli to talk specifically about this issue, and the work MOAA was doing. And the voice MOAA provided has forced Congress to take another look at the proposed plan.

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Staying informed with MOAA through their informational newsletter and magazine is so important for veterans, service members, and their families

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