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Brave Women Strong Faith is a collection of stories sharing the in and outs of military life from the often unheard military spouse perspective. There is a lot of negativity directed toward the military spouse community. A community often misunderstood and stereotyped by the extreme case instead of the role of a typical military spouse.

Military spouses must sacrifice a part of who they are to follow their husband or wife’s career. People often assume military spouses are stay at home parents and have no ambition to do anything else. But the truth is military life is one of instability and finding a career and raising a family when you know that the primary responsibility falls on you. Currently among the COVID-19 many career women are choosing to either leave their job or cut back hours so they can manage life with the lack of childcare, online schooling, and other unexpected challenges. Military spouse life has long suffered unexpected challenges that military life throws at them.

Brave Women Strong Faith

An honest conversation about the challenges of military life. The struggle and pain of moving, deployment, grief, and rebuilding over and over again. I often feel as a military spouse I’m the only one who feels the way I do. But through the stories shared in Brave Women Strong Faith, I have found I am not alone. Almost all the stories resonated with me in some way or another.

I particularly found the last section of the stories inspiring. As a military spouse who is also a veteran I often feel like an outsider when it comes to being a military spouse. In my story, I talk about my struggle to transition from military member to military spouse. When I first shared my story a fellow veteran turned military spouse reached out to tell me how much my story resonated with her experience. I didn’t realize that I needed the same validation of my feelings. I found that my story retold through the experience of others.

This book is for all women

No matter if you are a military spouse or have no military connection at all you need to read Brave Women Strong Faith. You will be inspired by the stories of those who sacrifice so much for our country. Women, we often don’t think of when we think about military service. But play a pivotal role in the military. And while I still believe the role of military spouses and service members is vastly different. I know that both are needed for the military to be able to do the work it does. The military would not survive without military spouses.

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I also did an interview with three women who are both military spouses and veterans on the Women of the Military Podcast check it out here.

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