15 Proud Female Veteran Apparel Ideas

Recently, an enlisted National Guard soldier has graduated successfully to become the first woman Green Beret ever. This is a testament that Female veterans are just as badass as their male counterparts. Times have changed, and you, the lady warrior, needs to improve your attire as well. It’s now possible to be bolder, more patriotic, and more badass than ever before.

To help you up your game, these 15 female veteran apparel ideas will upgrade your wardrobe to make you feel more proud and more patriotic. These ideas below can also be the perfect military gift for your beloved veteran lady.

To help you up your game, these 15 female veteran apparel ideas will upgrade your wardrobe to make you feel more proud and more patriotic. These ideas below can also be the perfect military gift for your beloved veteran lady.

Best Female Veteran Apparel Ideas To Buy Right Now

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1. Any Girl Can Wear Heels – Women Veteran Tee Shirt

Women veterans are a special breed. The quote on this t-shirt may sound cheezy, but it’s very true. Gift this shirt to your favorite lady warrior and make them feel the pride they rightfully deserve. With beautiful artwork and a comfortable fitting, this shirt is a must-have.


2. Grunt Style Beautiful Badass Women’s T-Shirt

The caption says it all. This one is for the Badass lady in your life, and that can be you too! The confidence you can radiate while wearing this will be felt by everyone around you. It’s a classy design by Grunt style that is synonymous with cool military apparel. 

Made with comfortable fabric and itchless design, the customers love its excellent fit. It is made for the model Badass American woman. Grab one and you won’t be sorry.


3. I’m Not The Veteran’s Wife T-Shirt

This one is an excellent addition to your patriotic apparel collection. Perfect for wearing on Women’s Veterans Day, Fourth Of July, or Veterans Day. The bold statement breaks the stereotype our women warriors often have to go through. It’s made with 100% cotton and available in five different colors. When you wear this shirt, you don’t need to speak a word. The shirt does the talking. 


4. Remember Everyone Deployed Tank Top

You understand the importance of supporting your deployed troops. Either you’ve been there, or someone you love has been. Thousands of miles away from home in a hostile environment, our troops need all the morale-boosting they can get. Buy and wear this tank top in your community to raise awareness about these deployments. Your small action can even spark a big fundraiser to get a care package movement going. Play your part.


5. American Beauty 2.0 Women’s T-Shirt

Not everything a veteran wears needs to have an ‘in-your-face’ patriotism vibe. This shirt by Grunt Style is just the thing you need. Subtle and proud of your American roots, it also complements your looks. Customers have said that this shirt has a great fitting and quality that will last forever. Covered with the Grunt Style ‘Beer guarantee’, it’s a safe purchase.


6. Women Tactical Operator Cap with USA Flag Patch

If you are into distressed look, you are going to LOVE this piece of headgear. The seller offers 24 unique designs with some cleaner designs as well. This will be a gear addition to your wardrobe and the tactical design is going to bring back memories from the service. With a customizable front patch and 100% cotton fabric, this cap is going to last you a lifetime.


7. Soldier Cremation Ashes Urn Necklace

You may have lost a near and dear one during combat, and that loss is beyond words. This one-of-a-kind necklace can hold a part of your special one so they can always be near your heart. With a beautiful finish and reliable gasket, this necklace can hold dried flowers, cremation ash, perfume, or small messages. Perfect for keeping that special memory close to your heart.


8. Remington 223 Bullet Necklace

If you love guns and miss your time in the service, this is the perfect necklace for you. Made with genuine Remington 224 bullet casing, you can exhibit your love for guns. With hole directly drilled into the casing, this bullet pendant will last a lifetime.  It’s smooth and shiny design is sure to grab you some attention, and you will love the feel of it—a perfect addition to your jewelry collection.


9. USA Flag Paracord Survival Bracelet

If any piece of apparel can save a life, this one right here is the one. Woven with high tensile cobra style, this is perfect for you if you are an outdoor explorer. With its unwoven length of 8ft, you can make shelters, snares, bow drills, and more. The US Flag plate on top gives it a fresh look and will always be in style wherever you go. Cool, practical, and on-the-go; it’s everything you need in one package.


10. Women Veteran Watches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)

If you’ve never gotten a service watch, you must consider these impressive timepieces. We check time dozens of times a day and this watch will serve as memorabilia to your proud time in the service. An homage to those who are still out there on the front lines ready to sacrifice their lives for ours. 

This can also be a gift for an aspiring upcoming young woman who wants to join the military. Nothing will lift her spirits more than getting a service watch from a veteran warrior herself.

Buy on AMAZON – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines

11. Casio Women’s Baby-G Shock Watch

Ah, the mighty G-shock. Its legendary reputation for enduring harsh environments is known worldwide. Widely popular in the military, this Baby G is tailor-made for women. It doesn’t feel oversized and has a plethora of features. If you love being in the outdoors, then this watch is for you. Rain, storms, bumps, and drops; you bet this watch will survive anything you throw at it. Tough inside and out; Just like you.


12. Under Armour Women’s Battlewrap Sunglasses

These Under Armour women sunglasses are Marine approved and regularly used by Active Duty on deployments. If you love shooting, these glasses are a must-have because of their ArmorSight lens technology. It gives 20% more undistorted peripheral vision. Incorporating titanium, these glasses are lightweight and rugged. These are offered in four colors and styles to suit any preference.


13. American Optics Flight Gear Original Pilot Sunglasses

This iconic eyewear is part of every Air Force pilot’s uniform. They look amazing, and there’s no reason not to look badass even after you’ve retired. Grab these official American Optic glasses and relive those glorious days when you soared across the sky. 


14. Stars Stripes Concealed Carry Crossbody Handbag

This handbag just screams MURICA! StarStudded and proudly designed in the USA, this handbag is as patriotic as you can get. If you’re a gun lover, you are in for a treat as this bag has a Concealed Carry Pocket ( 9” X 7”). Made with vegan leather, its beautiful craftwork is sure to get you compliments. Practical and Patriotic, you will regret not owning this sooner. 


15. 9MM Aluminum Bullet Casing Earrings

Another treat for the warrior woman. These classy earring studs are made from real spent bullets, which are hand-cut, polished, and assembled. They will look perfect for any casual night out and make you stand out from the crowd. The customers appreciate the personal love gone into handcrafting these earrings and love the detail on these earrings. 


Wrapping It Up

You, the veteran warrior woman, are an asset to this nation, and you surely stand tall from the rest. I hope you get a few ideas from this list, and even if a single one tickles your mind, I’ll consider my job done. If you have any thoughts on the topic, please let us know in the comments below.


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James is a patriot and military brat. He is an avid reader, creator, and tinkerer. Growing up in a military family, he has seen the hard times our soldiers endure. He aspires to make it better by distributing happiness and love in this community. He has taken on the mission to spread the joy of gifting to our Military heroes & their families at his platform Giftasoldier, which he started in 2019.

To help you up your game, these 15 female veteran apparel ideas will upgrade your wardrobe to make you feel more proud and more patriotic. These ideas below can also be the perfect military gift for your beloved veteran lady.

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