7 Challenges Women in the Military Face

Women in the military is a great thing. Women serving can help change your future in so many ways, but it does come with its challenges. Here are eight ways that being a woman in the military can be challenging to help you prepare and to help protect yourself from facing some of these issues. Being aware of what is coming is the best way to be prepared so I’m sharing my expertise this week at Patreon.com.

Is it challenging to be a woman in the military. The truth is it is challenging and it is so important you prepare yourself for these challenges by knowing what they are. Check out this post so you can know what challenges women in the military face

Each quarter I include a bonus episode for my Patreon members! This quarter I decided to take focus on the challenges of being a military woman. It isn’t easy to be a woman in the military and I am working to create a book a guide for women joining the military. And through my research, I was able to focus on eight key points that women need to know about before joining the military.

Want to hear the episode? Sign up here at Patreon.com for $3/month or higher! Patreon members will also receive a free copy of Brave Women Strong Faith when it is released this summer as a way to say thank you for supporting me in my journey!

These are the topics I cover in this quarter’s episode:

  • Being a woman can be lonely
  • The Congressional Act in 2016 didn’t put women on the front lines
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is as real for us as it is for men
  • Being single is a double standard
  • Don’t be innocent and naïve.
  • Being married isn’t enough
  • Being dual military is hard
  • Harassment, Assault, and Rape are real

Women in the Military

It isn’t easy to be a woman in the military, but it can be a very rewarding experience and can change your life. It is important you are prepared for the realities you will face. But don’t let those realities stop you from chasing your dream.

Are you considering joining the military? Have you signed up to join the military but still have questions? Check out my free guide to help you prepare for military life. Check out a girls guide to military life today. #militarywomen #joiningthemilitary #military

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