Dads Are So Important

Dads can play an important role in their children’s lives. My dad played an important role in my life and where I am today. So, this week on the podcast, I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day by having Ben Killoy of the Military Veteran Dad podcast come on the show. As a dad to two young girls and a son. I thought it would be great to hear his perspective on the importance of dads and what fatherhood means to him. I always pull away great insight from listening to his podcast in how to be a better mom and woman. And I thought it might be of value for you, my listeners, as well. 

U.S. Marine Veteran Turned Entrepreneur

Ben Killoy is a U.S. Marine Veteran turned blogger, life coach, speaker, and podcaster whose mission is to bring Military Veteran Dads home to their families. He resides in Janesville, WI, with his wife and three beautiful kids.

The Importance of Dads Ben KilloyListen to the full episode here.

Redefining His Identity

Ben went through what most transitioning veterans go through, the feeling of needing to redefine their identity. No longer defined by the structure of the military. He also needed to rediscover his passion and purpose for life. A seminar changed it all for him. It allowed him to discover his passion for leadership and helping other veterans and Dads be the best parents they can. Since that seminar, he has been on a mission. A mission to master leadership principles. And use his passion for leadership to help dads understand who they are, develop their skills to overcome adversity, and to own their life choices to enable them to truly come home to their families.

The Military Veteran Dad Podcast

Ben’s podcast combines his own insights into his unique experiences with the military and fatherhood. It also includes interviews and discussions with other thought-leaders from around the world. The fact that Ben’s insights are based on his personal experiences, and the experiences of the other veterans he interviews gives credibility to his understandings. Sharing both his successes and failures brings a more heart-centered approach to his podcast, enabling a deeper connection to his audience.
Ben is available for speaking engagements, both online and in-person, and is more than happy to share his insights on other veteran’s podcasts.

Importance of Fatherhood

One thing that I find really fascinating is how much Ben talks about how important fatherhood is. He takes an active role in influencing his children’s lives and has had so much change through starting the podcast. At one point in his life, he believed no one cared about who he was and he wanted to change that. He started by making friends by saying hello to other dads at the park. And through those friendships, he has created a podcast and talks about leaving a legacy for his family.

Listening to Our Kids

We also talked a lot about how we need to allow our kids to feel emotions and not brush them aside. If we ignore our kids’ problems when they are little problems they won’t come to us with big problems. They will expect the same reaction as they get older because little problems to kids are just as real as big problems to us. 

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This week on the Women of the Military Podcast we are focused on dads and the roles dad's play in their daughter's lives. Did you dad play an important role in your life? #dad #father #fatherhood #fathersday

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