Finding Your Voice at Speak Up Conference

When I began my blogging journey, I thought the process was simple. Write a blog and people will read it (lots and lots of people will read it- I hoped). But that isn’t what happened. Now, over six years later I am still learning and growing as a public communicator.

Blogging isn’t as easy as I had assumed. I mean the writing part is pretty straight forward. You write and share your content. If you want to reach people, and even build a profitable blog or business, there has to be a plan. Building this type of platform takes a lot of hard work, planning, and most often time.

In some ways, the journey is part of the adventure.

But it can also lead you to want to quit far before your idea or dream has had the opportunity to take root or catch fire. You might just get lost in the journey of discovering what you need to write about and how your words can change the community you are trying to help.

One way that can speed up the learning process is by attending a conference. I attended my first conference in October of 2018. I wasn’t ready to make the jump, but a mentor pushed me to go and I look back at that moment in time as a life-changing moment. It opened up doors that I couldn’t even imagine, let alone walkthrough. Because at a conference you have the opportunity to network, learn, and grow.

And the financial investment might scare you from taking such a big leap of faith.

The conference cost, the flight, the hotel. It adds up pretty fast. And to be honest it took more than me believing in myself to go. But luckily for you. This year, COVID-19 has forced many conferences to take the virtual option. Which means that it makes it more affordable for you to attend. 

That is why I am excited to share with you an opportunity where COVID has made that jump of faith easier and cheaper. And while it won’t be the same experience as being in person. The value and knowledge you will gain from attending this year’s Speak Up Conference Virtually will allow you to gain valuable insight that may even open doors you didn’t even know where there so you can attend in person at next year’s event.

Speak Up Conference is a Christian Conference for speakers, writers, and leaders.

For the virtual option, you have the ability to sign up for the Speaker, Writer, or both tracks. You will learn how to craft a book proposal. Discover the latest trends from industry leaders. Meet with top literary agents, publishers, editors, or speaking coaches. Grow your platform through social media, email, and online networking. Gain the tools needed to move forward in an ever-changing industry. And network with other Christians who have a passion to speak and write for God’s glory. 

This year’s conference is being held on July 8-9th. And prices to attend from the comfort of your home start at $100 and range to $550. 

Because COVID forced Speak Up Conference to go virtual each package is worth well more than the small investment by you. The $100 conference package is the perfect way for new writers and speakers to learn and grow into who you want to be. If you are military-affiliated, the Standard package is only $25! Contact me for more details.

The value of the information that will be gained is only one small piece of the conference. Because even though it is virtual there will still be a place open for networking and connecting with other writers and speakers.

Speak Up Conference is an open door to your next stage. 

Speaking of the next stage…I was given the opportunity to be a part of a collaboration that has turned into the book, Brave Women Strong Faith. It is a collaboration of twenty military spouses sharing our experience of being a military spouse. You can learn more about this book and get your name added to my Order here




Do you want to be a successful writer or speaker? This year is the perfect year to learn and with Speak Up Conference being offered virtually for a discounted price it is the perfect year for you to grow!


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