Switching Careers in the US Navy

Sometimes the career you start with isn’t a good fit, but that doesn’t mean your military career is over. Learn how Evita continued her service through three different career fields within the Navy. Evita is currently serving in the US Navy and has been on active duty for 12 years. She is a Human Resources Officer, currently stationed in Phoenix, AZ; mother to two children (son, 7 and daughter, 5). Listen to her story of switching careers in the US Navy.

Episode 76

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Joining the Navy

She has a family tradition of military service and participated in the Navy Jr Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school. After graduating from college, she decided to join the Navy through the Officer Candidate Program. She got pushed into becoming a flight officer which wasn’t something she was passionate about. But she was able to transfer to Public Affairs after her first assignment. She decided to leave active duty and transition into the Reserves and move back home. Then she got married, had her son, and also graduated with her Masters. After graduating, she found a job as a civilian in a government job while also working in the Reserves.

Switching Careers

She decided that job wasn’t a good fit and took the opportunity to go back on orders for an extended period of time. She and her husband separated and she decided to go back to active duty. Unfortunately, there were not any PA openings, so she applied to switch to Human Resources. Evita went back to active duty as a Human Resources Officer.

Military Mom

Evita is a single mom of two kids and has her mom living with her to help take care of the kids while she works full time, pursues her Ph.D., and lives her life. Having that built-in support has really helped her as she occasionally travels and has other commitments to the military.

She encourages women to join the military and would like to see the percentage of women serving in the military go to 50%. 

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Sometimes the career you start with isn't a good fit, but that doesn't mean your military career is over. Learn how Evita continued her service through three different career fields within the Navy. #militarywomen #podcast #militarypodcast

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