National Memorial Day Concert

Did you see this year’s National Memorial Day concert?

If the answer is no, you can check it out here.

While you couldn’t head to the West Lawn of the US Capitol this year due to COVID-19 the show continued through a mixture of live performances, recorded clips from celebrities, and past year’s performances.

I really enjoyed watching the show with my family and as always was brought to tears from various segments shared. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet a few of the celebrities, and this year I was lucky enough to be a part of two virtual press passes. One with Trace Adkins.

Where I asked, “How important is it to continue the tradition of the National Memorial Day concert through a virtual option amid the COVID-19 places?”

His response was, Well, it’s just a no brainer. Like I speak for everybody involved with this show. This shows me Ryan or shad for many years now. You know, this current challenge that we’re faced with is not going to keep us from doing the show. Even though we had to do it differently and maintain some separation, we were still able to do the performances and put the show together. We know how incredibly important it is to remind everybody Memorial Day, just really need to take time to pause and reflect and honor a very solemn and serious way and people that pay that price for us. And so, this shows they’ll do that again.”

national memorial day concert trace adkins

And last year I met Mary McCormack during the Press Day. She talked about how important it was to be a part of the show each year.

So I asked her, “I know you love participating in the National Memorial Day concert, why is it important for you to participate in each year?”

“I just love it. I mean, it’s such a magical event. The first time I went, I just couldn’t believe it. I was like, what, what’s happening here? This is incredible. It was so uplifting. I think also now in this country where people are so divided and polarized and there’s so much, you know, hateful talk. It’s just nice to be part of something that is bigger than that, you know, that serves something bigger than and so, yeah, I found it really uplifting to be part of it. I mean, I feel like it is the least I can do. You know we should all be doing more.

So, if I can just do that even that and have that experience. It’s a gift to me really, it’s just a complete pleasure. I mean, I couldn’t believe it when I did it and went to Michael Koba, who’s the executive producer, and was like, I’m definitely coming every year. So, you either put me in it, or I’ll set up chairs or I’m going to do something so I think he’s just scared of not having me back.  I’m a little bit of a stalker.”

While I wouldn’t call it stalking, I would call it super passionate. I love how her passion shines through in her commitment to honor brave men and women through sharing their stories.

Did you watch the show this year? What was your favorite segment? My favorite segment was the segment on World War II that was a rebroadcast segment from last year. I loved the tribute last year and it moved me to tears again this year.

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