Sharing the Stories of Military Women

Kia is the creator and host of The Female Veterans Podcast. She served as a Naval Hospital Corpsman from 1994 to 1999 and inactive reserve from 1999 to 2001. She has an MBA in Finance and Accounting. Currently, she is working on founding Artemisia with the mission of helping homeless female veterans. Kia is dedicated to sharing her own story and the stories of other military women.

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Kia Baker

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Joining the Military

Kia never wanted to join the military, but her mom said they didn’t have money for college. It would give Kia a firm foundation for her life. She agreed to join the military, but she did not follow her mother’s recommendation to join the Army. Instead, she enlisted in the Navy

She went to Naval Station Great Lakes for boot camp. Kia was one of the first integrated companies that included both men and women.  She enjoyed her time at boot camp. Kia grew up in a strict household and actually felt more freedom within the constraints of boot camp. She thrived on the structure. Her tech school was also at Naval Station Great Lakes. She met two women and they hoped they could be stationed together for their first assignment. Instead of picking California or Hawaii, they all three tried to stay at Naval Station Great Lakes. Two out of three women were able to stay there. They lost touch with the third woman when she moved.

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Military Shenanigans

Kia said her time in the military was great up until the day it wasn’t. There were “shenanigans” that happened that colored her experience. She joined at nineteen and had an idealistic view of the world. Her first job was great. She was briefing new students for A-School and C-School and loved it. But, her roommate began to change over the months and she was worried about the changes happening. She finally got her to confide in her that she was being harassed at work by a male service member. No one wanted to help. Eventually, she attempted suicide and then they finally moved her to a new office where she began to thrive, but she had already started the process to get out of the Navy.

Leaving the Military

Kia also decided to leave the military when her enlistment was up. She was married and she and her husband moved to Arizona for a year, but she didn’t like it. She began working in the corporate world after leaving in the military and initially had success. But a few years later she found herself jobless, penniless, and about to be homeless by her husband. She was able to get help from others and didn’t end up being homeless, but this experience brought her back to the military community and changed her for the better.

After the Military

Today she helps other veterans and she started a podcast to help share the stories of military women. It is called The Female Veteran Podcast there she shares the good and the bad of military life from the perspective of the women she interviews on the podcast. It is exciting to see the work she is doing and you should go check out her podcast today!

She says the military did give her a firm foundation and she recommends doing your research if you are considering joining the military. Check out the Reserve Officer Training Corps programs or other officer programs and talk to other women and hear their experiences on both the Women of the Military and The Female Veteran Podcast.

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Sharing the stories of military women on The Female Veteran Podcast! Today's guest for the Women of the Military podcast is Kia Baker. She served in the US Navy in the early 90s. Hear her story today. #navy #military #podcast #hermilitarystory #militarypodcast

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  1. She wasn’t forced to join the military. She joined because she felt like she had no other choice as she lacked money for college (a reason many people join the military).
    Perhaps a more accurate title would be “she felt like she has no choice but to join the military”?

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