Best Books About Women Veterans

There is a hidden genre of books I have found in 2019: Women Veterans. With the launch of Women of the Military Podcast, I have started to hear more and more stories from military women or about military women and the more stories I hear the more I want to hear and read more. And I think these books would be great for anyone, but especially those looking to join the military and those who have served in the military.

There are so many great books written by women veterans and service members. Please comment with your favorite books and why.

Books About Women Veterans

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Goodnight Captain Mama by Grace Tiscenaro-Sato

Sitting with my six-year-old I have had the chance to read both of Grace’s books to him. One time my mom was visiting and started asking me questions about the times I flew in military aircraft for training or for traveling overseas. My six-year-old looked up at me in wonder and it was if the words on the story jumped off the page and became a connection between mother and son. I think all women veterans should have an opportunity to read a children’s story to their children about their military experience.

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Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson

I didn’t attend West Point, but I feel like I know a little more about what it must have been like to be a woman at West Point after reading the fictional novel based on true events that create the story of Beyond the Point. Beyond the Point follows three young women as they enter West Point in the summer of 2001. It has all the highs and lows of military life and the ever-present challenge women faced.

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Women of the Military Book by Amanda Huffman

Women of the Military is a compilation of 28 stories of women who have started their path to military life, are currently serving, separated or retired. There are 4 stories from women in the process of joining, 14 stories from Air Force members, 8 stories from the Army, 1 from the Navy, and 1 from the Marine Corps.

This book is great for women who have served or those who are looking to join and want to learn more about what it is like to be a woman in the military!

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Aim High and Chart Your Course and Find Sucess by Deborah James

If you are looking for advice from a former Secretary of the Air Force you definitely need to read this book. She not only shares experiences of her life that led her to be the 23rd Secretary of the Air Force but also shares about the hardship she faced growing up. She had many successes while leading the Air Force and used a systematic method to tackle each problem she faced. It is something everyone can apply to their lives and you will walk away able with a useful toolbox of wisdom.

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Final Flight, Final Flight by Erin Miller

Do you know the story of the women who served as pilots during World War 2? They enabled more men to go overseas to fight the war. While they worked to train pilots to head out overseas. They were promised to be official members of the Army. But the bill failed and they were not given the title of veteran because of their gender. They went home and lived their lives. Then in the nineteen seventies, they fought for the rights they had earned by serving in the military and were recognized as veterans, but the story doesn’t end there. That is what Erin’s book is about. The story of what her family did when her grandmother’s dying request of being buried at Arlington was rejected. If you don’t know this story you need to.

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Squared Away by Alicia Dill

Almost two years after she left the army, and her best friend Concepcion Chapa, Joelle McCoy receives a cryptic voicemail from an Iraqi contact looking for Concepcion. When Joelle can’t reach her “battle buddy,” she’s told Concepcion died in a car accident, while working for the FBI. But Joelle has questions and those questions launch her into the arms of an FBI agent–one of Concepcion’s former colleagues–and a search for her friend that will bring her
from small-town Missouri to Miami, and then on to Kosovo.

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Are you a woman looking to join the military and want to learn more about what it like to be a woman in the military? Check out these great books for inspiration on what being in the military is like. They are great for women veterans as well. #militarybooks #militarywomen #womenofthemiltiaryAre you a woman veteran? Sometimes being a woman veteran can feel so lonely. But you are not alone and reading the stories of other women veterans will help you not feel so alone. Check out these great books about women who have served our military. #militarywomen #womenveterans #veterans

What is your favorite book about Women Veterans?


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  1. Hey There! Thanks for writing this amazing list of books. I wanted to let you know that I recently published my own story. Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up – An alarming memoir of combat and coming back home. You can find it on Amazon. Thanks for your consideration. Happy Holidays!

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