Helping others after the service

Helping others after the service

Jaime Chapman is a proud military spouse and served in the U.S. Army for 6-years. She is a philanthropist and fierce advocate for the military community. And she is actively advocating to influence policy to reduce the 24% military spouse unemployment rate. She serves as the Career & Employment Advocate for MSAN-Military Spouse Advocacy Network where she offers career expertise to over 10,000 Active Duty Military Spouses. You can also find her as a mentor on Veterati where she provides guidance to veterans and military spouses.
Jaime is the Founder & CEO of Begin Within, a career consulting firm that launches high-performers and rising stars to their career peak. She has helped over 1,500 people land their dream position during her tenure as an executive career consultant, resume writer, and as the Regional Manager of a transitioning military career program.
Jaime currently serves on the Board of Advisors for financial company Securing Life Today. She is a keynote speaker and authored the book Find a Federal Job in 2018. Additionally, Jaime hosts a career-based radio show that airs live to over 20,000 listeners each week and was recruited to appear as the career advisor on a TV show that will broadcast live to over 400-Million viewers later this year.

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Joining the Army Reserves was an impulse decision.

She looked to be on her way to go to college with the scholarships she had attained and her parents were shocked when she told them she had decided to join the Army.  But she didn’t have a lot of time to contemplate her decision. Once she signed up the process began and she was at boot camp a few months later.
While serving out her six-year commitment she attended college and worked full time. While also devoting one weekend a month and two weeks a year to her Reserves unit. She joined the military and loved Boot Camp and her Advanced Individual Training that followed and when she arrived at her Reserves unit the commander was a Chief Warrant Officer and she was ready to take over the base. She wanted to finish her degree and start to make changes and be impactful for the Army.

It wasn’t very long into her time in the unit where everything changed.

A sexual assault that was swept under the rug until she went to the Inspector General at the active-duty post. They quickly completed an investigation and he was finally charged and taken out of the leadership position. It changed everything for Jamie. It changed her ambitions and rode out the rest of her time.
Her transition out of the military was a welcome relief. She was ready to move on and since she already had a job and didn’t have the same type of identity crisis and starting over that people who often leave active duty find themselves in.
But she also became a military spouse a few years after leaving the Reserves. Which she has found very challenging, but has found her passion to help military spouses find careers through her company Begin Within and help to decrease the unemployment rate of 24% for military spouses.



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