What I Wish I Would Have Known About Military Life

There was a lot I needed to learn about military life before I decided to join the military. You don’t really know what you don’t know about military life until you are in the service and experience different parts of it. You might know that before I started looking into the military, I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know the difference between an officer and enlisted. I even remember when a friend recommended, I talk to someone, he happened to be a Colonel, I called him by his first name when I went to his office and was quickly corrected. At the time I thought the way they responded to my mistake was a little dramatic, but now I know that Col is more than just a job title.

Now, I have a hard time not calling my past commanders with their rank that no longer applies to their name. So, you could say I knew nothing about the military and little did I know how my life would change when I decided to join the US Air Force.

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Listen and hear what I learned while serving in the military and how I hope to use the information I have learned to help others who are considering joining the military. I share the seven things I wish I would have known along with a lot of new stories from my time in the military. If you have other questions about military life comment below and I maybe I will pick your question as a future podcast episode idea.

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Are you considering joining the military? Have you signed up to join the military but still have questions? Check out my free guide to help you prepare for military life. Check out a girls guide to military life today. #militarywomen #joiningthemilitary #military
Sharing what I wished I would have known about military life. Things you can only really learn from military life, but maybe by sharing my experience I can help others prepare for military life. #militarylife #veteran #military

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