From the Hall of West Point to Iraq

Jasmin graduated from West Point in 2005. She commissioned and her first assignment was in Germany as a Military Police Officer. She deployed to Iraq in 2008. In 2010 she headed to Fort Riley Kansas and it is there she completed her military career. Today she is an Attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

Jasmin has a military family lineage and serving in the military was something she had always considered. In high school, a high school algebra teacher was a graduate from West Point and he inspired and encouraged her to consider attending West Point.

From the hall of West Point to Iraq

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Applying to West Point

The application process requires a lot of different requirements ranging from passing the physical fitness test, getting a nomination from Congress or the president, and various test scores and academic and leadership requirements. September 11th happened the first year Jasmin was at West Point and had a huge impact on her experience at West Point and her military career.

When it was time to pick her career Jasmin decided to put Armor and Infantry as her top two choices even though at the time both jobs were not open to women. So, her 3rd choice Military Police was essentially her 1st choice and that was the career she got.

Deploying to Iraq

She deployed to Iraq as a Platoon leader and was lucky that everyone in her Platoon came back home with her. With Iraq being a male-dominated society sometimes the Iraqi male leaders would ask the same question to the male squad leader and he would answer you already asked the Platoon leader. She mentioned how great the men who served with her were in supporting her authority and helping her through the deployment.

While deployed she felt a need to do something different, she had one year left in her service commitment from the Academy and decided to adjust and take it a year by year basis. She still felt the drive to do something different but didn’t really know what that meant when she transitioned out of the military in 2011.

Connect with Jasmin

Today she lives in Ohio with her husband and is an attorney. If you would like to connect with Jasmin and talk to her about West Point you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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