Dealing with the Challenges of Dual Military Life

Episode 37: Dual Military Life Challenges

My guest today is Sherry Eifler. Shery is a former Army soldier turned devoted Army wife and mom makes her home where the Army sends her. She has been married to her husband of over 25 years, Brian. Together they embrace the adventure of military family life with their three amazing children and faithful pups, Kate and Sol. Listen to their adventures in dual military life. 

Sherry’s military experience, both in and out of uniform, has shaped her skills as an engaging storyteller who invites you to think a new way. She is a recognized transformation specialist, ready to connect today through her multi-faced approach to engaging women’s ministry.

The challenge of a dual military career

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Joining the Army Reserves

Sherry joined the Army Reserves while in college. She was looking to be a medic, but when the recruiter found out she was going to school he convinced her to enlist in the Reserves while completing the Reserve Officer Training Corps program and finishing college. She agreed and headed off to boot camp in the summer.

When she completed Boot Camp, she went to her first drill weekend and was a little overwhelmed by all the officers she worked with. And then when she went to ROTC, she found even more officers and wondered what she had signed up for.


She really enjoyed ROTC and found life long friends and met her husband through the ROTC program.

She and her husband spent a lot of time apart while in the military and even though she was able to move with him to his next assignment she wasn’t able to do what she wanted/needed to do to continue her career. She decided at the five-year point to leave the military behind and start a family.

Family Life

When her daughter was one month old her husband left for Korea.

She moved back home to be with family for approximately two years while he was overseas. When she came back to the military as a spouse she had to transition and find her place. She helped to bridge the gap between new military spouses and military members. And she has worked to get more male military spouses involved in the spouses’ clubs and volunteer opportunities.

After the Military

Today, she pulls together her kaleidoscope of certifications and talents as an author, John Maxwell Team certified speaker, executive coach, and leadership team coach to create transformational events with you at heart.

She also published a Bible Study called, Royal Reflections – The Making of a Warrior Princess.

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