Surviving Military Sexual Trauma in the Navy

Episode 26: Surviving Military Sexual Trauma in the Navy

Welcome to today’s episode of the Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Linsey Daley.

Linsey joined the Navy in 2004 on a green card in order to see America and travel more. She served 14 years on active duty as a Hospital Corpsman for the U.S Navy and is now in the Reserves. Linsey is a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma, and shares her story of recovery and finding hope. She recently started working for Veteran Sisters this June in order to give back to other female veterans.

surviving military sexual trauma in the Navy

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In today’s interview, she tells her story of being raped in her dorm room during her first year in the Navy. When she told her female supervisor what happened, she told her that she allowed the male into her room in the evening, so what did she expect to happen. After that, she didn’t tell anyone what happened and internalized what happened believing it was her fault because she let him into her room. Because she wasn’t able to get help, it led to a lot of different issues in her life.

It wasn’t until she went through the VA claims process and had to write about her experience she was able to get help through the Veteran Sister organization. Because the incident was never reported past her initial supervisor there was no action taken against her assaulter.

One of the ways she was able to get help was when she got pregnant with her son. She couldn’t drink because of the pregnancy and was able to gain control over her life. Once she was able to gain control over her alcohol addiction she was able to give back and work as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate and Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor. She was stationed in Japan and deployed to various ports of call. Being one of twelve females and the only female in the medical section.

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Listen to the whole episode here.

Linsey recently shared her experience again in a blog post, you can check it out here.

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