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Leading from the Front – Episode 28, Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado.

leading from the front Ashley

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She is also a legionnaire, and a National Guard reservist, and competing to be Ms. Veteran America in order to give back to more veterans. She discusses her experiences in the military. Ashley originally joined because so many people told her she would not be able to succeed and ended up exceeding expectations and becoming a leader. She has served for 8 years and has gotten 3 degrees debt free because of the military, and tries her best to give back to those around her, whether in her unit or in her community. 

She started her own business, GuideOn Education, to become a Veteran Program Consultant, GuideOn can offer a personalized navigation for your organization’s special projects to inspire, educate, and connect with the U.S. military community. With this organization, Ashley is able to use her education and experience to help military people get connected and inspired.

Currently, Ashley is a Semi-Finalist for Ms. Veteran America and was able to raise over 4K, but continues to raise money as she waits to hear if she will be one of the top 25 finalists and compete for the title in October of 2019. She loves that this competition brings together many impressive, inspiring women from multiple branches of the military to compete. They have Military History and Lip Syncing competition, as well as an interview. The Semi-Finals take place at the end of June, and she is hoping to make it into the top 25 competitors. Ashley has a Facebook page where she is sharing all her adventures and using her platform to spread inspiration and awareness for the competition and female veterans. Check out this inspiring episode.

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25-year-old Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonado sees a wall and knocks it down. She won't let anything stop her from moving forward. She is a voice for the veteran community and with her business guideon education she is sharing her knowledge to help veterans get their education. #gibill #femaleveteran #army

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