In the Coast Guard Far From Home

In the Coast Guard Far From Home – Episode 21

Welcome to episode 21 of Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Tammy Barlet

When she left the Coast Guard she left her military life behind. It wasn't until a tragic death led her to get help through the VA that she then turned back to her military community and is involved in so many organizations. You have to hear more of her story. #womenveteran #coastguard #militarylife

In the Coast Guard Far From Home Tammy Barlet

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Tammy Barlet served in the Coast Guard for 8 years. As an Operation Specialist aboard the USCGC Chase (WHEC-718), traveling halfway around the world twice was the last thing Tammy thought would happen. However, she would soon find herself on patrols in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on her way to Alaska, Thailand or the Persian Gulf. During Tammy’s time on the Cutter Chase, she participated in numerous tactical operations such as Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT 97, Southeast Asia) and Military Interdiction Operations (MIO, Persian Gulf). The Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation from Vice Admiral Card, Distinguished Coast Guard Battle “E” Ribbon, Coast Guard Special Operations, and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal were only a few of the medals and ribbons she earned while on board the Chase.

Childhood inspiration to join the Coast Guard

Watching the Coast Guard on the shores of Delaware growing up inspired Tammy to join the military. She wanted to see more than just her small town and her mom liked the idea of the Coast Guard because she thought it would mean Tammy would be somewhere close to or inside of the United States. The military also offered Tammy an opportunity to go to college after her service commitment and as a senior in high school not knowing exactly what she wanted to do this idea appealed to her.

When she finished boot camp, she was assigned to the MWR unit where her job consisted of handing out basketballs and cleaning gum off the gym floor. At her six-month assessment with her Chief, she told him she wanted to do something else. He suggested she become a Radarman and would be gone within 2 months and on a Cutter within 3. She did that.

It was aboard the USCG Cutter Chase that she saw the world.

She did a training mission with Thailand focused on the tactical side while the Navy focused on the larger mission. And then while in the Persian Gulf her team checked and boarded ships coming out of the river. When they were found in violation the Navy would take control and they would continue to patrol.

She left the military after an accident that happened while she was volunteering. She walked away from the military and didn’t get involved in the Veteran space for 10 years. It wasn’t until her cousin committed suicide that she reached out for help at the VA and got connected with a counselor who gave her guidance and direction she needed. She went back to school to complete her degree and she is now almost about to receive her masters and is heavily involved in the Veteran community.

Are you leaving the military? Are you unsure what comes next? Struggling with what do next? I can help. I served in Air Force for six years before becoming a military spouse, mom and blogger. The transition from military to mom was a hard one for me and the one thing that helped me was finding purpose again. I want to help you navigate the transition of life after the military and help you thrive. I created a workbook with the tools I have learned the past four years. Leading me from lost, lonely mom to momprenuer. #militarylife

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Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:

Ms. Veteran America

Mission Continues

Women Veterans Empowered and Thriving

Team River Runner

Valor Games

 Delaware County Veteran Memorial Association 

 Veterans in Global Leadership  

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When she joined the coast guard, her mom gave her permission because at least she would be stateside. The Coast Guard soon sent her overseas to work with Thailand and in the Persian Gulf. What an adventure her military life took her. #coastguard #militarylife #womenofthemilitary

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