Army Brat to Air Force Veteran

Army Brat to Air Force Veteran- Episode 22

Welcome to episode 22 of the Women of the Military Podcast. This week’s guest is Lacey Langford. Lacey is an Army Brat and Air Force Veteran.

Army Brat to Air Force Veteran Lacey Langford

What was it like to serve in the Air Force before September 11th? Hear a part of Lacey's story. She served for four years and left the military 3 months before 9/11 took place. She was also an army brat and is now a military spouse. #femaleveteran #airforce #veteran


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Lacey Langford, The Military Money Expert™ is the host of The Military Money Show and a personal finance blog specializing in the unique world of the U.S. military. She was raised as an Army Brat and is a U.S. Air Force veteran, Milspouse, financial coach, speaker, and writer who changes people’s lives from being fearful of money to having control and confidence with it. Lacey’s an Accredited Financial Counselor® with over ten years’ experience in financial planning, counseling, and coaching.

Lacey served from 1997-2001 separating just 3 months before 9/11. During my service, she was an information manager. She says, “Serving in the military was the best decision she ever made. She was scared out of my mind to do it but knew it was a good decision at the time. But she had no idea what a positive impact it would have on her.”

From school to the military

Lacey joined the military after attending community college for six months and not feeling ready to continue on to get her degree. She worked in Information Management and did basic computer help and admin work.

Before leaving for basic training she was terrified. She said that if she could have run when she was flying to San Antonio she would have. But she was on her path to the military and ended up completing basic training while learning that she could do more than she expected from herself. Overall the military was a great experience for her.

While she was in the Air Force she was stationed at Pope Air Force Base. She did spend seven months of her time in the military serving in Italy with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This wasn’t considered a deployment, but instead was a long Temporary Duty Assignment (TDY). She learned a lot about the different countries she worked alongside and traveled to.

When her enlistment was up she decided to leave the military behind. She felt like if she stayed in for another enlistment she would stay in the military until retirement. Three months after she left the military September 11th happened.

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