What Would You Tell Girls Considering Joining the Military?

A simple question, but the answers are profound. If you are considering joining the military. You might wonder what is in store for you. The military has grown and changed a lot in the last 20 years in how women are treated and what opportunities are available.

I have been interviewing women about their military experiences for the past year. I took the time to collect the answers to, “What would you tell girls considering joining the military?” The overwhelming response was to do it, if you thought it was the right thing for you. The military gives you great opportunities, but that doesn’t mean the military is for everyone.

A simple question, but the answers are profound. If you are considering joining the military. You might wonder what is in store for you. The military has grown and changed a lot in the last 20 years in how women are treated and what opportunities are available. #militarywomen #jointhemiltiary #military

Read the answers of women who have served in the US Military and the advice they give to girls who will follow in their footsteps. Just remember, you are stronger than your realize and you can do it.

You can do it. Find a few good friends to lean on when times get rough and don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right. -Bonnie, USAF

Do it. Do what you want to do. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Don’t let scared rhetoric or bad experiences of others stop you from pursuing your dreams, no matter what they are. The military itself is not any more dangerous than the rest of society or other large organization. Probably much less so because of the standards of conduct and discipline. Of course, go in with open eyes and ears and stand up for yourself and others when the time comes to do so. Seek out a mentor, a female mentor, who has gone before you and is someone you can turn to when life gets hard or circumstances get rough…but these words are ones I would share with any young woman, regardless of her intended profession. – Amanda Riley, USAF

It’s hard, but you can do it. -Amanda Wiley, US Army

I would tell them that they will gain so many opportunities that the outside world can’t offer and that their point of view on life will forever change especially after they have deployed. -Lisa*, USAF

Follow your heart, pursue your goals. When your heart is no longer in it, change course. *Jackie, USAF

Do it!! It was the best choice career-wise I’ve ever made. -Christian, US Army Reserves

You can do it! Embrace your differences. You were created to be a woman, do not be ashamed of what that all entails. Do not force yourself to be a man just to fit in. If you have a passion for serving others, then the military is the ultimate service and your gender does not deter your ability to serve. -Cynthia, USAF

Do it. Dive in, head first. You will meet some of the most incredible people, you will be given opportunities you never thought existed, and you will learn more about leadership than you could ever hope to learn. It will do nothing but help you grow in all aspects of your life. So, do it. -Justine, USAF

Take care of yourself first because nobody else will but also always do your best in whatever you try to accomplish. Kind of like being in an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down and you need to put one on first or you can’t be of help to others around you. -Dagmar, US Army

Follow your heart, pursue your goals. When your heart is no longer in it, change course. -Jackie*, USAF

I would definitely encourage them to. There are so many great career paths. But I would also tell them to not be picky about which one you want because while you can tell them what you want, and even if you’re good enough to get it, the timing doesn’t always work out and there aren’t always options to try again later. -Elizabeth*, USAF

Do NOT go into maintenance. Save yourself from the tears, the safety wire injuries and the 12-16 hour days, plus weekend duty. Be prepared to work harder than the men beside her in order to earn the respect she deserves, don’t sleep with her coworkers and be prepared for everyone to tell her that every award she’s earned is because she’s a female. -Mary*, USAF

I think they just need to be prepared for anything.  Be bold, be confident and report ANY action that is inappropriate immediately.  -Jo Ann, USAF

The fact that you are female should not be a limiting factor except in a few career specialties. Of course, there are naysayers, but they can provide great motivation for you to be an even bigger badass and prove them wrong. Never use your gender as an excuse. Use it as a strength that your male counterparts lack. No person can possibly do or know everything, but women are more likely to admit it, learn, and grow. -Lindsay, USAF

To believe in yourself. -Lynda, US Army

There is misogyny, both internalized and overt. Don’t let it become the status quo. Fight it. Stick up for yourself, because there won’t always be someone to do it for you. Always remember that your fellow airmen are your reason for being there, and anyone who gives you any other reason should be treated with wariness. -Emily* US Air Force

It’s a fantastic experience and career opportunity. I’d recommend using all services provided (Tuition Assistance, professional certificate, etc) and to travel. It takes a toll on the family front, so expect to work through familial challenges (parents, significant other, children). Don’t feel like you have to give the military more than the minimum years of service, they’ll get their pound of flesh from you. -Kellie*, US Air Force

Do it. Own it. You will always stand out and people will always tell you, you don’t belong, don’t let them stop you or change you. -Sandra, US Navy

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right. Don’t be afraid to say no. Love who you are no matter what anyone says to you. -Rolande, US Army

I would tell them it is one of the best ways to become a woman who is in charge of her own destiny. My great-granddaughter is currently in AFJROTC and I have encouraged her to follow this course for the future. -Susan, US Marines

I would tell them that they should do it and hold their head high. It is an honor to work alongside other strong women. We all need to stick together and that you should be ready for an adventure. – Lyndsey, US Army

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    • Hey Emma, that’s a great question. While I think all branches can be a good fit for women. Which branch you choose depends on your personality. I decided to go Air Force because with my degree and the positive things I had heard about the standard of living. But my deployment was with the Army and I enjoyed that part of the military too. I created a free guide to help you decide what branch and help you get to set out on the right foot for military life. If you would like a copy, sign up at the graphic above or you can email me at airmantomom@gmail.com and I will get you set up.

  1. This is such garbage. Being a vet myself and having worked for the va, this is just propaganda sounding to me. Get real. Where did you find these women?

    • I’m sorry you didn’t have a positive experience in the military. I sent out an open call to women through various women veteran facebook groups. These are the responses I recieved. You are welcome to include your advice.

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