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Welcome to Women of the Military Podcast.  In today’s episode, your host Amanda Huffman will share the why behind the podcast, where the idea came from, and why I picked military women as the focus point. It is always important to know the why behind the story. So, I’m starting off the podcast with how the podcast came to be and why I am passionate about sharing the stories of women who have served and those who continue to serve in the military.

In 2017, I embarked on a 31 journey of telling deployment stories. My goal was to get back to my original focus when I started the blog, sharing military experiences. The response surprised me. I asked so many people to share the story and the response was always from women. I actually only received one response from a male and it was not from a male I had deployed with or knew. The stories from these women encouraged and inspired me. I had to know more about what women were doing for our country.

Why I'm starting women of the military podcast. Why I wanted to highlight women who have served in or are currently serving in the military. Hear the stories of military women from Vietnam to present day. Check out women of the military podcast and be inspired. #womenofthemiiltary #militarywomen #podcast #femaleveteran

Women of the Military

I decided to follow up 31 Days of Deployment stories with 31 Days of Women in the Military. In the process of moving and life happening when it came time for the series I was worn out and felt overwhelmed. Even though I had collected over 25 stories I didn’t think to put all the stories in a one-month series was the best option. A friend suggested sharing stories over the year in 2019. An idea was born and then the podcast idea followed shortly after.

I am so excited for 2019. As I launch the podcast and share some of the stories I have collected over the past year on my blog. There are a few more whys, but why don’t you check it out on the podcast right here.

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