Military moms deploying

In this interview, we talk about Cynthia’s journey to military life and experience as one of the military moms deploying overseas. She joined the military through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program. A program she joined just to learn a little more about the military. One of the biggest struggles she had during ROTC was meeting height and weight standards and physical fitness. Listen to how she worked hard to overcome her struggles to become an officer in the Air Force.

Airman to Mom Episode 3

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Military moms deploying

She also discusses her recent deployment to Turkey. She talks about what it was like to deploy to Turkey. What it was like to be a mom deployed and what challenges she faced while serving overseas. We also discuss the challenges her husband who is also serving on active duty faced. He was both an officer and dad to their daughter through the deployment. It is interesting how being married to someone in the military (mil to mil) causes a give-and-take relationship. This is different than what many military spouses experience as they are expected to pick up the slack because they are not in the military.

Cynthia recently launched A Faithful Step. A Faithful Step’s mission is to encourage and equip women to embrace their femininity and understand they are worthy and created with a purpose, inspiring them to live courageously, one step at a time, in every aspect of their life, for God’s Glory.

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What is it like to be a mom deployed overseas? Listen to Cynthia's story of being a mom serving overseas. And the hard parts of saying goodbye? #miltarywomen #femaleveteran #womeninthemilitary

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