Military Life Means Home is Where You Are

Home is where the heart is. Or for a military family, it is wherever you are currently. When I think about home I think about where my family is. There are so many things that are hard about military life, but I think moving is one of the hardest parts. But in a way my favorite part as well.

We have lived in New Mexico, Ohio and now California. Each state and city has its own pluses and negatives. In New Mexico, we were in a really small town, but we ended up making really good friends. We bought our first home there and we had a lot of fun adventures. Next, we moved to Ohio and I loved the seasons, but for some reason, I felt lonely and disconnected. A lot of it probably had to do with the change of life stage. Going from working full time to stay a home mom is not very easy. Especially when there is a countdown to when you will be leaving for the next assignment. Either way, I still look back at Ohio with fond memories and good friends I had to say goodbye to as I headed off on a new adventure.

And now we are back in California where I was born and raised. The goal was to be close to family and we are now within reasonable driving distance, but still far away. It is almost like a double edge sword. We are close so we can go to things, but we are still far away so when we do go to see family it takes a lot of work and is less relaxing than if we went and stayed for a few weeks every now and then.

Getting Plugged In

It doesn’t help that we got plugged into a great community here and I have a lot on my plate. Running here, running there. It keeps me busy but makes it hard to leave too. I try not to think about the fact that we already over halfway done with this assignment.

My husband asked me where should we go next and I don’t really care where we go as long as we are together. Which I guess is why I got out of the military. The logistical nightmare of trying to get stationed at the same place at the same time wasn’t worth the headache. Now I have the assurance that when we go somewhere and we will go together.

Time to Move Again

I try not to think too much about leaving because this move won’t be like any of the others. When we moved here our oldest was just over 1 so he didn’t realize what was happening. Now when we move he will be 5 years older and he already has some strong friendships. I don’t know what it will be like to say goodbye. His brother will be 2.5 so I’m guessing it will be hard on him too.

Military life as a mom has already changed things from being one adventure after another. My husband and I both chose this life and our children were born into it. I know that kids are resilient and I think the benefits of seeing the country and meeting new people will be worth it, but it is still not going to be easy.

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    • I do get a chance to purge when we move, but I also am moving from one climate to another so I hold on to stuff I might need someday. And then eventually get rid of it because I think I won’t need it and I’m sure I’ll miss it if we move somewhere cold again. 🙂

  1. I don’t think people who haven’t experienced it can truly appreciate the sacrifice military families make. We recently bought our first home and the security of knowing we never have to move (unless we want to) has hit more more than I expected. Home is where your family is – great reminder.

  2. Yes it is true. This is the first time we have rented with our moving experience and it is different than owning our home. We only can do so much to make it our own place and I was tired of painting so we never did here. Maybe at the next place I’ll be ready to paint again. 🙂

  3. I can officially say we are due to PCS in 60 days amidst the coronavirus outbreak. It is unsettling to imagine, to say the least. Never in 20 years of moving have we been 60 days out with no plans in place. By the grace of God we will survive 🙂 standby for an update – this should be interesting lol 🙂

  4. I feel for everyone who is moving this summer. I am so thankful we are staying put, but it can’t be easy to plan or even prepare for. Good luck. I hope everything falls into place and you are able to have a smooth transition to your next assignment.

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