Looking Back to What it is Like to Move to a New Place

We have been in LA for about 2.5 years and when I originally wrote this we had been here for only 2 months. I had yet to meet my friend group and I really was struggling with being in a new place.

Moving is an adventure.

Moving is tough.

Moving is rough.

I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few months. With the joy and sadness of selling our home to long days of driving across the country to finally beginning to feel like we have found our new home. It sure brings an array of emotions or maybe I’m just pregnant (just kidding).

I have learned through being in the military that you remember the good and forget the bad. I only remember the good stuff from Afghanistan and I didn’t really remember what it was like to be in a place where you have to redecorate and find a new everything.

But I’m finding my rhythm.

I’m finding my steps.

And it feels like everything is starting to look up.

A New Place

I have started working out again and found a grocery store that I enjoy shopping at. I have traveled out to explore amazing farmers markets, the beach, and other local entertainment. This week has been a week of accomplishing new things and organizing a little bit more.

Soon all the pictures will find their home and the closets will be filled up with treasures. Piles of clutter will disappear. Knick-knacks no longer needed, will no longer sit in the corner. My neighbors will no longer be strangers, but instead welcoming friends. And this place I’m living in won’t be a house, but finally a home.

So blessed to be living this life.

Blessed to be able to call this new place my home.

Excited about the future and the memories we will make.


And Now Present Day

Living in Southern California has been an adventure and I am already dreading leaving and going through it all over again. I was pretty excited about being closer to family and in a place with so many things to do, but I never imagined how great the people I would meet would be. As a family, we have had so many adventures and even added someone new, our little Jacob. But the friends here have been something special.

I really can’t think about leaving because it is so hard to say goodbye. But I’m already having to say goodbye with two friends leaving last summer and another one heading off to Texas this summer.

It is a great time for a reflection on an upcoming year since it will be our last full year in LA unless the military surprises us. I need to remember to make the most of the time we have. Spending time exploring with family, enjoying adventures with friends, and making the effort to drive north to see family. Soon it will be time to say goodbye and move again.

2 comments on “Looking Back to What it is Like to Move to a New Place

  1. Moving can be so, so tough. I honestly don’t know how you do it as much as you do. We have moved a lot over the past 5 years and now we are under contract for a house and I am really hoping that means that we will be truly settled in for at least 7 years.

    • It was easier before we had kids. Now it is a whole new experience, but it is the life we choose and I hope that we can grow close as a family with the experience. And I have loved living in different parts of the country and I have loved meeting so many amazing people.

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