Honoring Military Spouses on Veterans Day

I know how hard your life is now. Your life as a military spouse isn’t an easy one.

Have you ever wondered why military families stand with their veteran on Veteran's Day? I did to, then I became a military spouse and I know that they make sacrafices too.

I used to wonder why military spouses got so much credit for all they do. Being a military member I knew what sacrifices I and my fellow members were making, but just like you cannot understand what it is like to be in the military without serving, you really cannot understand all the sacrifices military spouses make.

Military spouses often don’t sign up for this military life.

Yes, they marry someone in the military, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are getting into. Often they fall in love with someone visiting (living in their town for a few years) and then before they know it they are uprooted from their normal lives.

At least I choose the military too and I know a little about how the service member doesn’t always have a choice on different matters and know sometimes the hard choice is the best choice for a career. I understand it all and it is still hard.

You live far away from family and every few years you get uprooted and have to move somewhere new, somewhere you may or may not want to go.

Each place brings new challenges. You have to find a new everything…a new home, grocery store, church, and school. You make new friends, create a new schedule and life. Then go through it all over again.


I’m finally a military spouse

This is my first assignment as a military spouse and I have made so many good friends. Some of them are military spouses, some of them are not. We all have hard times raising our families. We have formed a great little community to help support each other.

I guess that is what I am most afraid of losing when it is time to say goodbye.

I know now how much work it is to build a network and then do it all again.

I know it is hard, but I’m so glad you do it. Because if I didn’t have you I don’t know if I could do it.

So maybe today is a day to honor veterans, but I think we also need to think about the people behind the veterans. The work they do often goes unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard or not worth it.

3 comments on “Honoring Military Spouses on Veterans Day

  1. Thanks for this wonderful reminder in appreciation of military wives. I can relate to a certain extent being a pastor’s wife. We have some of the same challenges.

    When we pastored in Savannah near Hunter Army Airfield, there were several military families in our church. We loved serving them. It was our honor to care for the spouse and family while dad was away. What a challenge .. being away from family and then not having your spouse there either.

    We made some great friendship with military and I have always been thankful for their service to us!

    • I love that you were able to help military families through your service of being a pastor team. I know how important the church family we have currently and in the past has been. You work does not go unnoticed.

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