Why Being A Dad is Awesome from Real Dads

Did you know that being a Dad is awesome?

I asked a bunch of my friends why they loved being a dad and was blown away with how many responded and with all the different reasons they shared. They were all at different life stages and it was interesting how it didn’t matter what stage of life they all loved being a dad. And I loved hearing about something guys often don’t open up about, their feelings. Come along with me and see why Dads love being Dads.

Why Being A Dad is awesome! I got expert advice from who else, but Dads. Telling me why they love being dads. Do you know a Dad in your life? I bet they can tell you why they love being a dad. You should ask them why.

Coming home from a trip and hearing, “Daddy!!!” and having him run to my arms…and knowing that I have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to shape another man. – Arden A


Seeing the innocence in my son’s eyes, He gets to see the world without the influences and impressions that we come to learn over the years. It reminds me that sometimes we all need to go back to when we were kids and look at the world as a beautiful place instead of a world of violence and hate. He makes me a better person. – Chris A

If I had to name one thing, [I] think the best thing is watching him experience the world. – Ryan M

Having someone to go on bug hunts with, tickle fights, a cartoon-watching buddy, and reading Dr. Seuss, [also] I finally have some perspective of what my parents went through. – Jack B

Watching [my son] learn new things and seeing him excited to see me when I get home. – Michael H

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Being able to watch your kids grow and develop into their own person.  Seeing how they mature through the years.  And then if you are fortunate enough to have grandchildren that is really awesome… – Dave K


I would say seeing a smile on my kids face when I see them come home from work or just saying hi in a text. – Mark G

It’s hard to pick one “best” thing, but it’s pretty awesome when they imitate you, trying to be just “like daddy” – Doug S


Giving your kids the intellectual tools they need to be contributors to society and to independent. Watching them use those tools to succeed has been by far the best feeling in the world. I love my kids more than anything in the world! – Luis M

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It is really amazing now that [my daughter] can wake up not [crying] and call out “Daddy” and then once I get to her room she is there smiling and says good morning and wants to give me a hug and tell me that she loves me. – Stan K


I find great pleasure in watching my now older children find themselves.  I see the things I taught them showing up in the choices they make…I sleep well at night knowing they are on the right path.  I love it when the light comes on. – Skip P

Being able to see the kids growing and learning.  I get the biggest kick when [my daughter] is singing a different song or when [my son] smiles at me.  I love praying with [my daughter] and seeing how she is learning about God.  Coming home to the kids can just melt the work stress away (and elevate it…).   – Doug S

My son is six months old. I love seeing the look on his face when I pick him up after a long day. This is how I know he thinks about me when I’m gone. – Grunther S

1603_15Weeks_007Teaching and seeing your child exhibit characteristics of you and your better half.  I love identifying those that mine and my wife’s, but seeing him begin to develop his own unique personality is also pretty great. –Ryan M

It provides me with the ultimate opportunity to be a mentor of life and the chance to play and be silly like my daughter without my wife getting mad for being immature – Kevin C


Dads are so Important

Dads have an amazing impact on their children’s lives. The comments above prove their kids have quite the impact as well.  My Dad played a major part in who I am today and I’m so thankful for his advice, love, and friendship.  I am also thankful for my husband. How much love and energy he gives to help our son grow into the man he will one day become.  Dads you are amazing and we love you!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about why being a Dad is awesome. And thanks to all the Dads who were willing to share.

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