Beauty in the Mundane in Afghanistan

Is there beauty in the mundane?

I saw a post recently of pictures of Motherhood and how beautiful the mundane moments are. It made me want to share pictures from my deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. These are just a handful of some of the quiet moments that were taken by our amazing Public Affairs team. A moment captured in time. Instead of being quickly forgotten.

Beauty in the Mundane: Afghanistan


MRAPs out on patrol


As the sun sets you can see the MRAP gunner turet


from the back of my MRAP


3 young boys watching the Americans


A shura with a local village and the PRT


Meeting in Mahmood a Raqi (Department of Women Affairs)


a solider talking to three young boys


a young boy with his father


standing outside a school under construction

Beauty in the Afghanistan. Kapisa PRT 2010

taking photos of someone taking a photo

My Afghanistan Story

These pictures tell a story of my time in Afghanistan. Sometimes I was so focused on the danger or the fact I was ready to go home. I forgot to look around and enjoy the beauty that makes up the people and the country of Afghanistan. My deployment changed my life. And because of the mission, I was sent on I was able to see so many different parts of this beautiful country, and am glad I am able to share my story with you here.

Now as a mom do I stop enough. Do I take time to enjoy the moments or am I constantly rushing? My son often finds pennies. Pennies I don’t even see. I used to be annoyed he wanted to stop to pick up a penny. But now I realize he takes in more of the world than I ever see. So take the time to stop. Enjoy the moments. What is the hurry anyway?

I linked up with The Wounded Dove for this post.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you are busy you forget to stop and look around you. Today I was reminded how important it is to stop and enjoy the beauty in the mundane. #afghanistan #military #deployment

4 comments on “Beauty in the Mundane in Afghanistan

  1. Thank you for sharing your story through pictures. Thank you for your service and for sharing your view of the people of Afghanistan with us!
    Blessings of GREAT JOY and happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. What beautiful pictures. I love the one where you all are sitting in the home and the purple head covering shows the beauty of the two worlds colliding in peace. Love it. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Just BEAUTIFUL. My husband is a professional photographer and these pictures are so captivating. Thank you for sharing these. You would be such an interesting person to get to know!

    Blessings and thank you for your service!

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