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My prompt word and my title don’t really seem to go together, but they do. Trust me.

Rest – Day 12

When I was deployed to Afghanistan there were no days off. There really wasn’t anything else to do besides work and work out so each day we would go to work, but on Sundays there were no meeting in the morning and we could wear our work out gear (Physical Training Uniform) all day. It was our day of Rest. No missions were ever planned for Sundays and I would normally sleep in, go work out and then slowly make my way to the office.

It was odd that our Commander choose Sunday to be our down day. The Afghans treated Friday as their “Sabbath” so we were unable to do missions or meet with leaders on this day, but he would hold his daily staff meeting and we would go along as normal.

So, Sunday was selected as our day of rest. Even if work was still being done. It helped prepare us for our week. My co-worker and I would normally try and find a movie to watch while we worked. We were always charting the information from our missions through the week into our computer and planning ahead for the next week’s missions. It was always a good day. Well, except the time the General showed up and we had to wear our uniforms and meet with him. I digress. The group of friends I hung out with normally would choose Sunday as the day we would head to the pizza parlor for dinner. There was an Italian pizza parlor (make shift building) in the French section of the FOB. And I distinctly remember going there for my co-workers birthday where we surprised her with an Italian cake. I always looked forward to Sunday and as each Sunday came and went I knew I was one week closer to going home and leaving this place.

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