Easter in Afghanistan

Day 25 – Enjoy

Day 23: Enjoy- Celebrating Easter in Afghanistan #write31days

One of my favorite memories from being deployed was Easter Sunday. My mom sent me an Easter basket full of goodies. Bunny ears, candies, eggs, and a few extra things.

I had a plan, get up early, and hide eggs in the office for a little bit of fun. We didn’t have to be into work on Sundays until afternoon, but oftentimes showed up earlier than that depending on what was going on. So, I ran down to the office and was so excited to find it empty. Next, I grabbed my basket of eggs and started hiding them all over the office. Some were hidden out in the open others in more challenging spots. Once I was done, I locked up the office and headed back to whatever I had planned for the morning. Most likely working out. We didn’t have a Chaplin on the Forward Operating Base so my celebration of Christ’s death was going to be on my own.

For me hiding eggs around the office made home not seems so far away. To bring a little tradition from home to Afghanistan was special to me. I think everyone enjoyed the gesture and since I didn’t count all the eggs and we didn’t search for very long randomly through the rest of the deployment we would find a hidden egg every now and then.

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