Dare to believe

Dare: Day 24 #write31days

Day 24 – Dare

I did not think I could do what the military was asking me to do. I could not believe that somehow I was not only supposed to go to a foreign country but also interact with the people in a culture I did not understand and danger seemed to be at every turn. But the military does not ask you if you are willing or want to, you signed up long ago and whatever they ask is what you will do. I am sure there are ways to get around such commitment, but I did not even look at that option, so off I went.

My goal was to survive, but I dared to make it an adventure. A new chapter in my life, something I could always look back to.  I think going to Afghanistan for a year changed me. It showed me you can dare to believe in yourself. What you think you can do and what you actually can do is not the same. I accomplished so much more than I expected. I still look back and wonder how I found the strength to do it all.

So I’m going to challenge you. Dare to believe in yourself, dare to push yourself farther than you can go. You never know what will happen or how far you will go. I’m sure if you really push yourself you will be surprised by all you can accomplish.

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  1. Oh what an adventure that must have been. Thank you for taking such an adventure so I can enjoy being a citizen of the USA. I have a good friend who was deployed to Afghanistan at the end of September so your post is very relevant for me today. I will accept your dare to push myself farther and think of you when I accomplish the goals and dreams I’ve dared to reach for.

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