31 Days of Military Life

I have decided to be a part of the 31 days of writing, which means writing every day in October. The theme for me was easy being a military veteran and spouse “31 Days of Military Life.” The topic needed to be broad and narrow. I hope I can share my insights into what being in the military from active duty and the home front is like.

Originally I wrote for five minutes, but in 2020 and 2021 I have gone through and updated the blog posts with more details and resources. I hope this updated series can help those looking for information about joining the military or new military spouses wanting to understand more about the military.  I will have a word to write on for five minutes and then I will post it to my blog. If you have a question about military life or are considering to join the military you can get your free guide here:


The first day begins with the word MOVE. What a perfect start to 31 Days of military life with moving. Moving is something that a huge part of military life. I have moved both as a service member and a military spouse. As a couple and a family.

31 Days of Military Life

Move – Day 1

View – Day 2

New – Day 3

Learn – Day 4

Stuck – Day 5

Know – Day 6

Go – Day 7

Say – Day 8

Join – Day 9

Care – Day 10

Taught – Day 11

Rest – Day 12

Work – Day 13

Away – Day 14

Life – Day 15

Adjust – Day 16

Long – Day 17

Taste – Day 18

Second – Day 19

Fear – Day 20

Honor – Day 21

Expert – Day 22

Look – Day 23

Dare – Day 24 

Enjoy – Day 25

Visit – Day 26

Free – Day 27

Wake – Day 28

Unite – Day 29

First – Day 30

Leave – Day 31

The 31 Days of Military Life series was inspired by Kate Montage who came up with the word prompts for each day in 2014.


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