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Curious about the stories of military women? Check out a compilation of stories from female service members. #militarywomen #femaleveteran #womenofthemilitary

Come Along With Me on a Journey

  • Discover the untold stories of America’s women in the military
  • Find out how women went from serving as nurses to being a part of every job.
  • Learn the rich history in how women in the military came to be a chalked assert and relied upon on the battlefield

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to serve as a female in our military, you’re in the right place.

Women of the Military is the book that’s going to share you 28 different stories of women that changed the course of history.

History of Female Miltary Service

Women have served in the American military since as far back as the Revolutionary War. As years passed the role of women in the military has grown and changed. In 1948, women were allowed to serve in the US Military outside of war periods. During the Vietnam War, Cmd. Elizabeth Barrett was the first women to hold command in a combat zone.  In 1976, the first woman attended a military academy.  In 1998, female fighter pilots flew the first combat mission. And in 2016, after years of women serving in combat roles during Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom, all jobs were open to women in the military.

There is such a rich history of women serving in the military. And while at one point in time most women served in the role of a nurse. Today, women are a part of every job. The role of women expanding military wasn’t by chance. Instead, it was from women proving over and over again that they were a valuable asset and could be used and relied on in the field of battle.

But where do we find these stories?

Curious about the stories of military women? Check out a compilation of stories from female service members in my new book focused on military women. #militarywomen #femaleveteran #womenofthemilitary

How do we know what happened beyond the highlights written in history books? I wanted to answer these questions so I started a journey. A journey to hear the stories of military women.

Today I host a podcast, Women of the Military, where I get to talk to women who have served in the military.  But before the podcast, my interviews were back and forth on paper. I have put together these stories. Women who have served as far back as Vietnam and as current as those entering the military in 2018. Stories from women who have served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

Women of the Military is a compilation of 28 stories of women who have started their path to military life, are currently serving, separated or retired. There are 4 stories from women in the process of joining, 14 stories from Air Force members, 8 stories from the Army, 1 from the Navy, and 1 from the Marine Corps.

28 Women
28 Stories
28 Lives Changed

What People are Saying:

“You may have been deeply inspired after watching Netflix’s Medal of Honor (2018) or standing below a breathtaking fireworks display on the 4th of July. Rightly so. Our service members deserve to be recognized and applauded. 

Yet, many of their stories remain unknown. American soldiers rapidly join from mixed backgrounds and genders- all of which are significant to our country’s protection. Since 1948 (when Congress permitted women to serve in the US military), hundreds of boots have been worn, shots have been fired, and wars have been won due to female influence. 

But you haven’t heard of them.

Amanda’s interviews represent today’s highly diverse, female demographic in national defense. They boldly share real, unedited experiences from Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Army perspectives. Stop Googling what it’s like to do basic training, get through school or leave your family. You’re about to find out.”

– Faith

“This is a fabulous collection of inspirational stories of endurance, struggles, and women forging their own futures. The diversity of their backgrounds and experiences is fascinating but the broad range of military careers is astounding and sets to heart how integral women are in the military.

This is a must read for anyone considering a career with the armed forces or struggling to figure out their future careers. The challenges and adjustments these women have made to create the life best suited for them is the type of motivational encouragement that can help others be confident in reaching their dreams.”

– Natalie, United States Air Force Veteran

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About the author:

Amanda is an Air Force combat veteran, military spouse, and mom of two boys. While serving in the Air Force she was a Civil Engineer stationed at Holloman AFB and Wright Patterson AFB. She also deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team with the Army. Amanda loves to run and be a part of her local gym’s Mom Cardio Bootcamp classes. She loves to travel and spend time with her family. Her dream vacation includes anything with the word Disney in it. Through starting a blog in 2014. Amanda found a passion for sharing other military women’s stories. Starting with a deployment series in 2017, Women of the Military Podcast and her newest project, Women of the Military, Sharing Their Stories ebook!