My husband and I love to travel. We thought having kids would stop our travel bug and I guess in a way things have changed, but it hasn’t stopped us from having one adventure after another. We may try to avoid planes and stick close to home, but we love to see and explore. Here are some of our adventures with many more to come.

Adventures around the World


Living in LA and having season passes off and on has given us the opportunity to visit Disneyland over and over. I now know the park without needing a map and even have found some special parts of Disneyland often missed by people just coming for a quick trip. Read about some of our adventures at Disneyland.

Traveling with Kids can be challenging, but it sometimes makes the adventure more fun. To see things from a child’s point of view and having them experience something that you experienced as a child is an amazing gift for parent and child. To help you out with your travel adventures with your family I have wrote a few posts about our travels and some tips I learned along the way. Before we moved to California we had to fly home to see family and when we were in Ohio there were many car rides to see different locations and there was also the drive from Ohio to California.

31 Days in Southern California

Day 1 – You are here                                                Day 16 – Natural History Museum and Rose Garden

Day 2 – Griffith Park – Travel Town                            Day 17 – Hot Air Balloons in Temecula

Day 3 – Los Angeles Zoo                                         Day 18 – Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Day 4 – Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan Beach       Day 19 – Queen Mary 

Day 5 – Santa Monica Pier                                       Day 20 – Imperial Sand Dunes

Day 6 – Disneyland                                                   Day 21 – Joshua Tree National Park

Day 7 – California Adventure                                    Day 22 – Point Vicente Lighthouse

Day 8 – Run Disney Races                                       Day 23 – Rose Parade Floats

Day 9 – La Brea Tar Pits                                           Day 24 – Dodgers Stadium

Day 10 – Tanaka Farms                                            Day 25 – Port of Los Angeles

Day 11 – Venice Beach and Canals                          Day 26 – Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)

Day 12 – Hollywood Bowl                                        Day 27 – San Diego Zoo

Day 13 – Explore Hollywood                                    Day 28 – SeaWorld

Day 14 – TV Show Tapings                                      Day 29 – The Parks in the South Bay

Day 15 – Pinks Hot Dogs                                         Day 30 – Palm Springs Tram

Day 31 – The Journey Continues

I did a number of short guest post for Vacation Maybe on my travel adventures before and after kids. Check out there website for a number of ideas on what your next vacation should be.


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