Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you looking to partner with Women of the Military Podcast? Check out the military podcast sponsor options and contact me directly if you have any questions! Rates and packages are open to negotiation to meet your companies needs. Women of the Military Podcast is looking for business and non-profits to partner together to reach the community created around the Women of the Military Podcast.

Women of the Military Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities:

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Updated October 1, 2020

In 2019, Women of the Military Podcast hit 10,440 downloads.

In 2020, Women of the Military Podcast has had over 9,900 downloads as of May 31st, 2020.

Two “competing” companies cannot be featured in the same month. (ie. two people in the health/fitness industry cannot be featured the same month)

Amanda reserves the right to turn away any sponsorships that may not be a good fit.

Please email airmantomom@gmail.com with what level you’d like to promote and what your product, service, or business is if you are interested.

You can support Women of the Military podcast by becoming a sponsor. If you have a business that targets women you need to get connected with Amanda to learn more about getting your business in front of her audience. #podcast #military #women