Reach #FMFriday

It is time to reach for the stars… Don’t hold back… Dream big… I think often times I think about doing something and something inside of me tells me that I can’t do it before i even try.  I’m not really sure why.  I wonder why do I beat myself up and not give myself […]

Going to a Women’s Shelter in Afghanistan

I deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Provincial Recontruction Team in 2010. Today I’m sharing part of my experience of when we went to the capital to meet women in Afghanistan. If you would like to learn more about my deployment click here. Mission to the Capital of Kapisa to meet women in Afghanistan […]

Listen (Tuesday@10)

Through the amazing community of Five Minute Friday I found another site to meet up with other bloggers and write on a prompt word.  So this is my first week and the prompt word was Listen.  I focused on what I listen to daily.  The little boy who changed my life so much. I hear […]

Change #FMFriday

Sometimes you know your life is changing and other times life is changing so slowly you do not even see the changes.  But things are always changing. My life has been full of change the last three months.  We sold our house, moved in with friends, moved across the country and finally moved into our […]


Oh to be free again. Life is funny. Often with each life situation you don’t realize the goodness of where you are until you are no longer there.  Before having a baby I had this dream about what it would be like to stay at home with my son.  It consisted of perfect days that […]