Dear Sister

How do you tell someone how something so small meant so much? When I moved to Ohio it was the middle of winter. If you are from California that probably doesn’t mean much, but if you are from somewhere that actually has winter you will know that there isn’t a lot of activity going on […]

I’m Ready

It is Thursday night and this week’s word is READY.  I was hoping it would be reflection because I’m ready to reflect on all that happened on September 11th, 13 years ago and how it changed everything, but I don’t pick the prompt word.  So here I go… Are you ready to take the next […]

Earthquake in Afghanistan

Earthquake in Afghanistan

I survived a pretty big earthquake in Afghanistan. Here is a letter home about the uneventful, but slightly dramatic event. This update also provided other details about Afghanistan and me dreaming about going home. Earthquake in Afghanistan Last night is slept through a 6.3 earthquake. We don’t know where the earthquake center was, but my […]