I’m a little late, but getting ready for a family reunion this weekend meant that I couldn’t write last night. So excited we live close enough to visit family for the weekend. And I’m not sure how well this is going to work with a toddler trying to climb up into my lap. Thank goodness […]

I’m Ready

It is Thursday night and this week’s word is READY.  I was hoping it would be reflection because I’m ready to reflect on all that happened on September 11th, 13 years ago and how it changed everything, but I don’t pick the prompt word.  So here I go… Are you ready to take the next […]

Earthquake in Afghanistan

Earthquake in Afghanistan

I survived a pretty big earthquake in Afghanistan. Here is a letter home about the uneventful, but slightly dramatic event.  This update also provided other details about Afghanistan and me dreaming about going home. Last night is slept through a 6.3 earthquake. We don’t know where the earthquake center was, but my roommate who didn’t […]