Oh to be free again. Life is funny. Often with each life situation you don’t realize the goodness of where you are until you are no longer there.  Before having a baby I had this dream about what it would be like to stay at home with my son.  It consisted of perfect days that […]

Fill #FMFriday

I have been spending the last week with my family. It has been a nice break from the craziness of life. No unpacking to worry about. Just relaxing and spending time together as family. It has definitely been a nice break. Tomorrow we head back home. To a house full of boxes and piles of […]

Three questions

During one of the last sermons I heard in Ohio, Pastor Greg challenged us to answer these three questions: What about your life before Christ? How did Christ change your life? What is He calling you to do right now? At the time of the sermon we were “homeless” and moving onto our next adventure. […]