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Life with Littles gets a little crazy. Here are some of my thoughts when it comes to how life changes when you have kids.

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Leading up to my first son’s birth I spent a lot of time looking into and thinking about natural child birth. I went from wanting one, to not, to wanting one. In the end I hired a doula and hoped for a natural child birth. With my due date long past gone and 42 weeks I was induced and although I had a vaginal delivery it was not the child birth I was hoping for. For baby number two, I knew I wanted a natural child birth and wanted to deliver at a birthing center and not a hospital. Baby number two gave me my natural birth. Here I have complied some research I did on natural child birth and a lot of birth stories from different perspectives.

Life with Littles: Airman to Mom

Birth Stories: Every birth story is unique and every birth story is beautiful. It doesn’t matter how you bring a new life into the world. You did it and you are blessed by the new life.

Research: There is a lot of information out there because of the internet. Make sure you do research and check the sources of the people supplying information. I read a lot of books specific to the Bradley Method and although I didn’t use the Bradley Method or even take a class on it a lot of good information was gleaned from these books and I would recommend looking into the Bradley Method to help you successfully have a natural birth. I also hired a doula, which was something I recommend all women have, natural or not. They have so much knowledge and can do so much to help you.

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