PCS Moving Guide

Are You Moving Soon?

If you are moving this year you need to get a guide with all the tips and tricks to help make moving go smoothly.

Tips for Packing Up Your House

Road Trip Travel Tips to Your New Location

Tips to Help You Unpack

Help you find friends quickly when you move

If you are moving, I’ve got you covered

with my free moving guide to help your move to go smoothly and get connected in your new community and find new friends fast when you move.

Moving isn’t easy and having a guide to help you along the way. I have PCSed 4 times and each time I have learned a little about how to move and tips to make the process most smoothly. Our most recent PCS took us from California to Virginia with a 5 year old and 2 year old. It was an epic road trip and quite the adventure. This moving guide takes all the information I have gathered and put it into one place.

As a military spouse and mom I know the importance of getting connected in your community fast. When you get connected it helps your whole family. And getting connected leads to friendships. Having a good group of friends you can rely on when life happens. You have fun things to do in your community because you know what is going on. Are you ready to get connected fast? Join Now!

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