Serving during Desert Storm

Serving during Desert Storm

What do you know about Desert Storm? I loved getting to talk to Angela Beltz this week about her experience in the Army National Guard. She was one of the first to deploy for Desert Storm and talks about the challenges she faced. Serving During Desert Storm – Episode 57 Angela deployed for Desert Shield/Storm […]

From the Hall of West Point to Iraq

From the Hall of West Point to Iraq

Are you looking to join the military through one of the military academies? One of the best ways to get advice is to talk to someone who has attended a military academy. Jasmin attended West Point and can help you if you dream of attending West Point too. Check out her story on the Women of the Military podcast.

L’s Birth Story through Pictures

My friend recently shared some of her birth story experiences through pictures and I was inspired to do the same. You can read the whole story here, but if you just want to see some of the pictures taken during and right after labor keep “reading.” Thanks for journeying through my birth story through pictures. […]

Not the Childbirth Story I Expected

My childbirth story begins with me saying that it wasn’t what I planned, but was kind of what I needed. My experience changed my perspective and opened my eyes to a different birth and different stories than the happily ever after I had read about. Even though my childbirth story did not go as planned, I am […]


It is Friday so it time to kick up your heels and get typing. At least I have to do it for my readers. This week the word is Still and after celebrating my birthday and having fun with my parents it was time to write. With all the talk of cold weather in most […]

Dear Sister

How do you tell someone how something so small meant so much? When I moved to Ohio it was the middle of winter. If you are from California that probably doesn’t mean much, but if you are from somewhere that actually has winter you will know that there isn’t a lot of activity going on […]