Is there a Balance In Motherhood?

Is there a Balance In Motherhood?

Motherhood requires a lot of yourself. You give everything you have and some days that doesn’t even seem to be enough. Is there a balance in motherhood?   When I was in the Air Force I always expected the hardest life experience I would have would be deploying to Afghanistan as part of a Provincial […]

Remembering – What will you remember looking back?

Isn’t it weird what you remember when you look back on past moments from your life? You might think that I would remember all the work I accomplished while I was in Afghanistan and all those projects I had at one time memorized. Now I can’t even remember most of them. I only remember bits […]

Mom of Two

I had so much fear about how to be a good mom with my first son; it made for a pretty stressful newborn stage. Every book I read and every unrealistic requirement I placed on my baby and myself added up to stress and frustration that had me searching and longing for approval. I really […]