Is there a Balance In Motherhood?

Is there a Balance In Motherhood?

Motherhood requires a lot of yourself. You give everything you have and some days that doesn’t even seem to be enough. Is there a balance in motherhood?   When I was in the Air Force I always expected the hardest life experience I would have would be deploying to Afghanistan as part of a Provincial […]

5 New Mom Tips from a Military Spouse and Veteran

5 New Mom Tips from a Military Spouse and Veteran

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.” I’m sharing 5 new mom tips from my experience of both a military spouse and veteran. And to start off lets give you a little background about my switch form military […]

It is Important for Moms to know Self-Defense

A couple of weeks ago the moms group I’m a part of (Mothers of Preschoolers) had a guest speaker who taught us about self-defense. At first it seemed like an odd topic. Why would you need to know self-defense? Isn’t karate more of a sport than something practical. Apparently not. The speaker informed the audience […]

Remembering – What will you remember looking back?

Isn’t it weird what you remember when you look back on past moments from your life. You might think that I would remember all the work I accomplished while I was in Afghanistan and all those projects I had at one time memorized. Now I can’t even remember most of them. I only remember bits […]

Improvised Explosive Device in Parenting

Improvised Explosive Device commonly known as IEDs. IEDs are a feared device by many military members. Especially if your job is running convoys and you know each time you head out the potential to hit one on your way could happen. And although our children’s temperament is not deadly, it can certainly cause harm (at […]

My Transition From Military Leader to Stay at Home Mom

I always thought going to Afghanistan would be my hardest life experience.  Here is my story of what it was like to transition from military leader to stay at home mom.  I went to college after high school because that is what everyone does (right?) at least that’s what all my friends were doing. For […]