Reflections on Natural Child Birth

For as much as I love birth stories, I have never taken the time to write mine down. I’m working on it. So when Amanda asked for guest posters, on natural childbirth, I decided to take a different spin. I thought I’d share a bit and reflect about what I’ve learned after giving birth to […]

My Natural Childbirth Story: The Birth Story I Planned

Jacob’s natural childbirth story should start with talk of early labor, but through a series of events causing a minor surgery for my oldest Luke to be delayed it starts with thoughts of what seems like early labor coinciding with preparing our son for surgery on an early Friday morning. It made for an interesting […]

Why I Would Choose Pain for Childbirth

by Natalie Busch It happened again . I was at the Doctor’s office for a prenatal visit and a conversation started between myself and another pregnant woman nearby. The topic came up about where I was giving birth and she quickly exclaimed how she could never give birth without the drugs and thinks it’s a bit crazy. […]

L’s Birth Story through Pictures

My friend recently shared some of her birth story experiences through pictures and I was inspired to do the same. You can read the whole story here, but if you just want to see some of the pictures taken during and right after labor keep “reading.” Thanks for journeying through my birth story through pictures. […]