What Would You Tell Girls Considering Joining the Military?

A simple question, but the answers are profound. If you are considering joining the military. You might wonder what is in store for you. The military has grown and changed a lot in the last 20 years in how women are treated and what opportunities are available. I have been interviewing women about their military […]

From Security Force to Becoming a Paralegal

From Security Forces to Paralegal Welcome to episode 14 of the Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Kris Newton. Kris spent 14 years in the Air Force both active duty and Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) in the reserve. When she got out, she earned my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at Bowling Green […]

Deployment Affects Your Life Forever

Deployment Affects Your Life Forever – Episode 13 Welcome to episode 13 of the Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Christina Youngblood. Christina is an Army Veteran and an Air Force spouse currently stationed in Utah with her husband and two children, ages 6 and 5. Her love for writing has found a […]

A Women in the Marine Corps

Susan Smith Parrish served in the US Marine Corps on Active Duty and reached the rank of Corporal (E-4). With a long military history in her family she followed her father’s example into the military. He served in the Navy and her three older brothers were served for 20 plus years. At the time of […]

Finding Herself in the Marines

Diving into Marine Corps Life – Episode 12 Welcome to episode 12 of Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Susie Wilcox. I found Susie through a blog post on How to Milspouse where she shared her experience as a Marine and military spouse. After reading her story I knew I needed to have […]

Overcoming PTSD and what is next

Overcoming PTSD and what is next – Episode 11 Welcome to episode 11 of the Women of the Military Podcast. Today’s guest is Annette Whittenberger. Annette is a military spouse, mother to two teenagers (one being in college) and veteran who served in the Army for over seventeen years as a Chemical officer including a deployment […]

From Active Duty to the National Guard

From Active Duty to the National Guard – Episode 10 Today, I interviewed Dina Farmer. Dina started her career in the Air Force serving on active duty. She left active duty through the Palace Chase program and continued her service through the Air National Guard. Dina enlisted into the Air Force is 2005. She joined […]

The Reality of Dual Military Life

Bonnie Reeves served on active duty in the Air Force. She reached the rank of Master Sargent (E-7). She worked in Logistics Supply, working on various jobs in supply support ranging from aircraft to vehicles to communications. She met her husband while serving on active duty. They served dual military most of their military career. […]

Seeing the World with the Navy

Seeing the World With the Navy – Episode 9 Welcome to Episode 9 of Women of the Military Podcast. In today’s episode I interviewed Shakeia Kegler. Shakeia joined the Navy in 2011 and was sent to Japan for her first assignment. The day she landed in Japan she learned her ship the USS George Washington […]