Knowing Doesn’t Make It Easier: A Story from a Military Veteran and Spouse

I met Courtney through Instagram and when I realized she was a military spouse and military veteran I had to have her share her experience for my deployment series. She served in the Coast Guard before leaving her career to stay at home with her family. Her husband is still in the Coast Guard. Just […]

What You Learn About Yourself During Your Husband’s Deployment

Today is a Spouse Spotlight as we look at deployments. My friend, Katelyn, who we met at our last assignment shares what she learned from about herself during her husband’s deployment. Although being married to an Active Duty Service Member always provides the possibility of your spouse deploying, I honestly never really believed this was […]

A Tale of Two Deployments

While collecting deployment stories I realized quickly something was missing. Military spouses play an important role of holding down the fort while their service member is deployed overseas. So I started collecting deployment stories. I have loved hearing the stories of military spouses. Kicking the Spouse Spotlight is Christine from Her Money Moves, sharing A […]