Mourning the loss of Military Service

A year ago, I attended my first military event since I had left the military behind. Even though I had transitioned out of the military five years earlier I was still processing my loss of military service. And going to this event turned out to be an eye-opening experience. Crucial in the healing process.  When […]

From the Hall of West Point to Iraq

From the Hall of West Point to Iraq

Are you looking to join the military through one of the military academies? One of the best ways to get advice is to talk to someone who has attended a military academy. Jasmin attended West Point and can help you if you dream of attending West Point too. Check out her story on the Women of the Military podcast.

Dealing with the Challenges of Dual Military Life

Episode 37: Dual Military Life Challenges My guest today is Sherry Eifler. Sheri is a former Army soldier turned devoted Army wife and mom makes her home where the Army sends her husband of over 25 years, Brian, and together they embrace the adventure of military family life with their three amazing children and faithful […]

Before Women Could Be Fighter Pilots

Before Women Could Be Fighter Pilots

Let me tell you a story about Grace Tiscareno-Sato. Grace served in Air Force in the 1990s before women could fly in fighter jets. Even though she graduated as the third person in her class and F-15s were available her sex made it so she couldn’t pick the plane she wanted to fly. Grace served […]

Being Stop-Lossed in the Army

Being Stop-Lossed In the Army – Episode 23 Pam never intended on joining the military and ended up doing so after traveling the world backpacking in 2000. She came home with no money and went back to waiting tables. Wanting to get back into college. 9-11 happened and she moved out of Chicago to Portland, […]

Serving Before and After September 11th

Serving Before and After September 11th – Episode 20 Cherron has been a military spouse for 18 years and she is an Air Force veteran. She served in the Air Force for 3.5 years. she was an Information Manager. It was a split role of admin work and IT work. It allowed her to work […]

From Military Spouse to Military Officer

From Military Spouse to Military Officer -Episode 17 Kattarina joined Army in 2009 she served for 5 and a half years on active duty, before transferring to the Army Reserves. She was in the Reserves for just under 2.5 years, making her total service 7 years and 11 months. She was a Judge Advocate (JAG) […]

Military Child to Military Mom

Military Child to ROTC hopeful to Military Mom – Episode 16 *This post contains affiliate links Welcome to episode 16 of Women of the Military Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Amanda Huffman interviews Elaine Brye. When you join the United States military, you don’t just sign up for duty; you also commit your loved […]