There’s a Difference between Military Spouses and Veterans

There’s a Difference between Military Spouses and Veterans

My family attended a ceremony a few months ago. The announcer asked people who were military veterans and military spouses to raise their hand. My hand went up next to my husbands, as did my blood pressure. You see I am a military spouse. And I would be the first to tell you how hard it […]

Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

When people think of mental health linked to deployment their minds often jump to combat situations, being injured or dealing with dramatic situations. While these situations do happen overseas and can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there are other issues with being in a combat zone that can easily be overlooked. I deployed to […]

Sacrifice Leads to being Thankful

I’m standing in a room full of people who are honoring my sacrifice of being a military veteran. Often when people hear about the military they hear of moving regularly, deploying to war and losing loved ones. And yes, there is that, but there is also so much goodness in those hard times and sacrifice. […]

Serving as a USAF Intelligence Officer Overseas

Leslie* served in the as an Intelligence Officer in the Air Operations Center in Qatar and UAE. Learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes. Not all work is done at the ground level. Name: Leslie* Rank during deployment: Captain Branch of Service: Air Force Current rank/current job if you have left […]

A Female Civil Engineer: Around the World

Kristina and I met when I was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in the Civil Engineer Squadron. We were only stationed together for a few months, but her impact lasted with me long after I left for my deployment. As a female officer with so much advice and being willing to spend time mentoring me. […]

Just a Guy in Afghanistan – Another View of Deployment

When I started collecting deployment stories I asked anyone and everyone to share. I was surprised that only one guy from the current war era answered my request. I call him my guy in Afghanistan. I really thought I would share mostly a guys experience. And even though I wasn’t able to get follow up […]

What Does A Lawyer Do In Iraq and Afghanistan?

Carrie* is a Attorney still serving the United States Military today. She has deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. I loved seeing another different type of deployment as a lawyer overseas. I knew that there were groups training the Afghan National Army (ANA), but never thought that lawyers had that responsibility. Thank you for sharing your […]

A Female Interrogator in Iraq and Afghanistan

Cassie is another military veteran I met through an online community on Facebook. She is no longer in the military and now serves as a Online Strength Training Coach for Women. While she was in the Army she deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Today she is sharing her experience being deployed as a female interrogator.  […]