Supporting the Air Force from Southwest Asia

Lucy* shares her experience of being deployed in Southwest Asia. Check out her story. Name: Lucy* Rank during deployment: 1st Lieutenant (O-2)  Where did you deploy to? Southwest Asia What was you or your team’s mission? Support United States Air Force and coalition partners’ in the application of Air Power What does this mean exactly? […]

Target Development in Qatar – Among Other Things

Another story of being an Intel officer in Qatar at the Air and Space Operations Center in charge of Central Command (Middle East). Julie job was focused on Target Development and she gives us a little peek into what it was like to be overseas. Name: Julie Rank during deployment: Captain (O3) Current rank/current job […]

Serving as a USAF Intelligence Officer Overseas

Leslie* served in the as an Intelligence Officer in the Air Operations Center in Qatar and UAE. Learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes. Not all work is done at the ground level. Name: Leslie* Rank during deployment: Captain Branch of Service: Air Force Current rank/current job if you have left […]

The Military Life: My Husband is Gone Again

Another Spouse Spotlight for my deployment series. Rachel’s husband is gone pretty regularly and she shares how she goes through each deployment. I recently was featured on her blog series, check it out here. Today I get to share her story: My life has settled into a pretty steady pattern: once a year (or sometimes […]

Not Your Typical Deployment: Engineering In Honduras

Rachael shared two of her deployment experiences with me. The first being Day 5: Manas Transit Center and today she will be sharing her experience of Engineering In Honduras. Rachael and I met while we were both working at Wright-Patterson AFB. Read the interesting story of all the work she did while deployed to Honduras, […]

A Female Civil Engineer: Around the World

Kristina and I met when I was stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in the Civil Engineer Squadron. We were only stationed together for a few months, but her impact lasted with me long after I left for my deployment. As a female officer with so much advice and being willing to spend time mentoring me. […]

Just a Guy in Afghanistan – Another View of Deployment

When I started collecting deployment stories I asked anyone and everyone to share. I was surprised that only one guy from the current war era answered my request. I call him my guy in Afghanistan. I really thought I would share mostly a guys experience. And even though I wasn’t able to get follow up […]

What Does A Lawyer Do In Iraq and Afghanistan?

Carrie* is a Attorney still serving the United States Military today. She has deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. I loved seeing another different type of deployment as a lawyer overseas. I knew that there were groups training the Afghan National Army (ANA), but never thought that lawyers had that responsibility. Thank you for sharing your […]

A Female Interrogator in Iraq and Afghanistan

Cassie is another military veteran I met through an online community on Facebook. She is no longer in the military and now serves as a Online Strength Training Coach for Women. While she was in the Army she deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Today she is sharing her experience being deployed as a female interrogator.  […]