What’s it like to be a mom deployed overseas?

What’s it like to be a mom deployed overseas?

This week’s guest is sharing here experience of being a mom deployed overseas. Cynthia left for a deployment when her daughter was a year old. Hear about her experience of leaving her daughter behind and serving her country overseas. The most common phrase I heard right before I left for my first deployment was “I […]

Thank You for Sharing Your Deployment Stories

Thank you to everyone who shared their story. I started collecting deployment stories early this year and I can’t believe how it all came together and I was able to collect so many amazing stories. My original plan for the series was to collect as many stories as I could and fill in the empty […]

Weather In Afghanistan: Predicting and Planning

Did you know the military has weather officers? They also have weather satellites (I know about these because my husbands last job was helping build them). The military has relied on the expertise (guess work) of weather officers. It played a crucial role on when they decided to jump into Normandy (WWII). Here is a […]

An Air Force Liaison Officer in Kuwait’s Story

Alice* was an Air Force Liaison Officer in Kuwait while working at Army Central Command. Air Force military personnel are regularly loaned out to the Army for various deployment requirements. Having an officer to help facilitate discussion between the Air Force and Army is an important role being played by officers. Here is her story. […]