The Fear of Separation from the Military

by Cynthia Cline For over 6 years, I battled with the decision of whether or not to separate from the military. Every time the thought crossed my mind, I felt a surge of emotions… shame, guilt, weakness to name a few. It felt as though deciding to leave the military meant I was admitting I […]

Ways to Become an Officer in the Military

Ways to Become an Officer in the Military

Officers are the leaders of the military. After completing your officer training, you become a Second Lieutenant, once again there are exceptions where you come in at a higher rank, typically for doctors, lawyers, etc. A Second Lieutenant outranks all Enlisted members. Even though you don’t have the experience of the senior enlisted members you […]

Four Financial Lessons Learned in the Military  

Charlene shares four financial lessons she learned from the military. This week on the podcast she shares her story of serving in the Army, meeting her husband in Korea, and then leaving the military to be a mom and military spouse today she is the Assistant Secretary at AAFMAA. You can check out the latest […]

Role of Military Women In Iraq

“But women were not allowed in Combat until 2016” is something I have been told on more than one occasion. And once again I take the time to educate that the law actually prohibited women from serving in various combat units (Infantry, Special Forces, etc.) but not from the actual military combat. Laura Colbert’s memoir […]

The Hidden Many – A Struggle with PTSD

Laura Colbert shares an open story of her struggle with PTSD sixteen years after coming home from Iraq. You can listen to her story on the Women of the Military Podcast here. The Hidden Many By Laura Colbert I am a combat Veteran. This statement is simple, yet it comes with so many complexities. At […]

Best Military Transition Resources

What are the best military transition resources out there for those leaving the military and beginning a civilian career? I went to LinkedIn to find out and was blown away by all the programs that are available for military members. Today I am sharing the best transitioning resources. Mentorship Veterati is a mentoring platform that […]

Serving During the Vietnam War Era

Though Janet never had the opportunity to deploy to Vietnam, she answered her nation’s call to serve. She was ready to go overseas to serve, but never had the opportunity. Instead, she worked across the country and talked about the struggles she faced as a woman in the military married to a non-military member. My […]

A Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Story

A Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Story

Linsey shared her military sexual trauma story on the Women of the Military Podcast last year, you can check it out here. It was hard for her to share her story. Taking the step forward to share her experience caused her to experience PTSD. The military culture around sexual assault and rape is a huge […]